Tamil writer quizzed over book launch

සේයා - අන්තර්ජාලයෙන්

The CTID has summoned and questioned the head of the Tamil Literary Forum after he organized the launch of a book based on the LTTE’s defeat of the armed forces in Elephant Pass 24 years ago.

Pradeepan Deepachelvan was summoned to its branch at Paranthan in Kilonochchi on 14 April and interrogated for more than 2 ½ hours.

He was especially asked if he intended a revival of the LTTE by introducing the novel in question.

’34 Natkalil Neendikkadanda Nerupparu’ (crossing fire river in 34 days) written by N. Yogendran was launched four days earlier.

The organizer of the event replied to the CTID that he had no such intention and that he held it out of respect for its writer.

The speakers at the event too, are to be interrogated, correspondents said.

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