15 years after war’s end, 1,500 Jaffna families remain homeless

සේයා - අන්තර්ජාලයෙන්

More than 1,500 families in Jaffna remain displaced by war even 15 years after it ended, it has come to light.

Ten of these families are still living at welfare centres, while 1,502 others are sheltered by their friends and relatives, the district’s coordinating committee was told at a meeting on 18 April.

The meeting was co-chaired by northern governor P.S.M. Charles and minister Douglas Devananda.

Acting district secretary Mardalingam Pratheepan said the government was yet to look into the welfare of 4,567 displaced persons in Jaffna.

Governor Charles said all the displaced would be resettled by the year’s end as per instructions given by the president.

She instructed the acting district secretary to make plans for their resettlement and the provision of required facilities.

Charles added that 60,000 landowners in the north would be given ‘Urumaya’ deeds by the end of May.

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